Traditional Medicines Disciplines

Traditional Chinese Medicine concept of its existing structure arose beside the physic philosophies regarding ancient. China, influenced and extended over by the collected clinical trip ofGenerations regarding literate pupil practitioners. It is because concerning it cultural context that TCM principle be able at instances appear abstruse then outdated. However, it represents a complete, integrated technique concerning deciphering ethnic physiology yet responding to pathological modifications of the body. The close necessary concepts taken beside historic Chinaman physic philosophyin TCM are these regarding qi, yinyang, or the five phases ( wuxing). Theoretical concepts specific in imitation of TCM include the theory about zheng ti guang nian, the concepts concerning theviscera then inside ( zangfu xue shuo), channels and networks ( jingluo), physique substances( qi, blood, entity then body fluids qi xue jing jinye); or pathogenic agents( bing yin). These theories, together together with the methodologies on the four (diagnostic)methods ( si zhen) yet sample difference ( bian zheng) contain the theoreticalframework over TCM. Each about the drug tools over TCM, which include acupuncture and moxibustion ( zhenjiu), Chinese herbology ( zhongyao fang), then Chink Therapeutic massage ( zhongyi tuina) relaxation above this theoretical basis.

  • Ethno botany
  • Enthomedicine
  • Medical Anthropology
  • Five Phases theory
  • Tongue and pulse
  • Cupping
  • Mythical origins

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