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Conference Series Ltd invites all the participants across the globe to attend 2nd World Congress on Traditional and Complementary Medicine MENA Plaza Hotel Albarsha | Dubai, UAE .

Day 1 :

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Mohamed was awarded his BSc in Biochemistry and his MSc in Nutrition and Human Physiology from the School of Sciences and his PhD from Medical School, (Dijon, France) in 1993, where he worked on the effect of oral anti diabetic drugs on hepatic protein metabolism regulation. Mohamed joined the University of Buckingham in 2005 at Buckingham Institute for Translational Medicine (BITM). He brought his extensive experience in metabolic diseases acquired at Dospharm Biotech Company and the European Centre of Bioprospectives (Normandy, France) where he was managing collaborative research with Lipha-Merck, Air Liquid Sante and Beaufour-IPSEN on the investigation of novel drugs and plant extracts as a potential treatment of degenerative diseases. Mohamed is Associate Director at the School of Postgraduate Medicine & Allied Health, and is the Head of BITM. He is leading the University research group investigating the beneficial effects of medicinal plants on metabolic and neurodegenerative diseases with our academic and industrial partners.



Aim: Leptadenia hastata (LH), an edible vegetable and medicinal plant used traditionally in sub-Saharan African countries for various diseases. The potential anti-obesity and anti-diabetic effects of aqueous and methanol leaf extracts of LH in high fat diet-induced obese mice and leptin-deficient (ob/ob) mice are investigated. Methods: C57Bl/6 female mice fed 60% High Fat Diet (HFD) and leptin-deficient (ob/ob) male mice (fed chow diet) were treated for six weeks with 250 of LH aqueous or methanol extracts. The time course of changes in food intake, body weight, body fat, energy expenditure, blood glucose and plasma levels of insulin and leptin (for HFD mice) were determined. In vitro effects of both extracts on lipolysis and lipogenesis were also investigated. Results: In HFD animals, both extracts resulted in a significant reduction (p<0.05) in body weight (16.6% and 18.7%) and food intake (10% and 11%) with a significant increase in 24 hrs. energy expenditure (53.3 and 61.4%). These effects were coupled with a significant decrease in fat mass (p<0.05) and in plasma leptin levels (2.8 and 3.5 fold change). Both extracts also improved (p<0.05)-glucose tolerance and reduced fasted blood glucose and plasma insulin levels. Consequently, HOMA-IR was reduced by 65% (compared to control group). In ob/ob mice, the chronic treatment with methanol extract resulted in a significant reduction in cumulative body weight gain (p<0.001), an improvement in both oral glucose and insulin tolerance tests (p<0.01 and p<0.001, respectively) and a decrease in fasted plasma insulin by 64%. In vitro, the LH extracts decreased lipogenesis in human pre-adipocytes and increased lipolysis in mouse primary adipocytes.
Conclusion: LH would be beneficial as a dietary supplement in the treatment of obesity and insulin resistance related to high fat diet consumption, acting via a reduction of food intake and fat mass and an elevation of energy expenditure and improvement of insulin sensitivity.

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Sahinbas Hüseyin is a Specialist in Radiotherapy, Radiology and Palliative Medicine. He has completed his Diploma in Biological and Complementary Cancer Medicine. He is currently the President of the German Society for Hyperthermia e.V. (DGHT). He has published several articles and held over 250 lectures at national and international congresses. He works parallel as a Senior Physician in Radiotherapy at a University Hospital in Bochum.


The treatment of chronic diseases, including cancer, is very complex and requires a coordinated interaction of all disciplines. In my experience, there are no real alternative therapies. The success comes from the right combination of treatment options from many areas.  In case of failure of the guidelines treatment or in case of recurrence there are limited treatment possibilities. What to do now? That is the question! Few new treatments are available:

1. Hyperthermia is an innovative method in treatment of cancer and chronic diseases, well studied and auspicious, showing considerable enhancement of therapeutic success. The result of experimental and clinical studies point out that hyperthermia is an ideal integrative/complementary therapy and a potent sensitizer for phyto-, radio- or chemotherapy. Hyperthermia is an very potent issue in detoxification, chronically diseases e.g. skin diseases, Burn-outSyndromes, Immune deficiency, lime disease and many more indications in combination.

2. Phytopharmacons (plant origin, herbal medicine, some examples) • Curcumin, a natural compound commonly found in the food spice turmeric, has been shown to have excellent anticancer activity via various molecular and cellular pathways, and has attracted much attention for its potential use as a non-toxic anticancer agent. Curcumin has a very sprite indication in many chronicle, cancer and auto immune diseases. C. treatment inhibited NF-kappaB (potent antiinflammatory agent).

• Vitamin C thousands of publication in medical papers with success in inflammatory, infections, auto immune, chronicle diseases and cancer

• Hypericine has been shown to be able to induce apoptosis and radiosensitize tumor cells, and to have antiinflammatory and phototoxic skin effects. Hypericin treatment inhibited NF-kappaB (potent antiinflammatory agent).

• Ginger has a potential preventive property against some chronic diseases, especially diabetes, hypertension, coronary heart disease [CHD], hyperlipidemia, cerebrovascular disease, fatty liver, anemia, and tumor). Daily ginger consumption was associated with decreased risk for hypertension and in other chronical diseases. 

Keynote Forum

Hanadie Basil Mustafa

Healology University, UAE

Keynote: The fibromyalgia flow 4 life: Practical guide for health and wellness

Time : 11:00-11:45

OMICS International Traditional Med Meet 2019 International Conference Keynote Speaker Hanadie Basil Mustafa  photo

Hanadie Basil Mustafa is a Pain Management, Holistic Practitioner and Tutor at Healology University, Dubai, UAE. She is a formal postgraduate comparative Medicine Doctor specialized in Biodegradable Bone Prosthesis from the University of Baghdad, Iraq. She also worked as an Assistant Lecturer and Researcher at Dhamar University, Yemen. Her own personal journey with health challenges’ over more than 25 years inspired her to merge ancient holistic therapies with modern clinical therapies. Her own path formed over years of experience in health, wellness, fitness and nutrition research


Fibromyalgia also called Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS) (Fibrositis: the old formal name) is a long-term or chronic condition associated with profuse pain in the muscles, fascia and bones, areas of tenderness, insomnia, anxiety, depression, brain fog and general fatigue. Symptoms like these are considered subjective and cannot be determined or measured by tests. It is often misdiagnosed as another disease like arthritis, polymyalgia rheumatica and many autoimmune conditions. The lack of reproducible, objective tests for this disorder plays a role in some doctors questioning the condition altogether. The causes remain unclear. Research has identified three areas that may contribute to the development of fibromyalgia: Genetics, illness and trauma. A mixture of genetic and lifestyle risk factors may also cause a person to develop the condition. Most fibromyalgia treatments used to manage pain and improve quality of life through medications (pain relievers, antidepressants, antiseizure drugs, etc.) along with self-care and alternative therapies (physical therapy, massage, exercise, yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, diet, etc.) sounds promising, easy way to live pain free normal life. But this process is slow, non-affordable, unpractical and hardly pain free formula. Trying, tripping and giving up medications, holistic therapies and lifestyle changes without achieving their own goals. Majority of research work on fibromyalgia clinical diagnosis and medications, rarely give practical guide for easy daily independent self-practices for anyone around the world with minimum resources or those who travel or have no one to take care of them in their pain free normal health journey. Starting the Fibro Flow 4 Life with my clients the last 3 years, working with more than 15 clients on their fibromyalgia. Monitoring their symptoms and life quality 6-12 months. Fibro Flow 4 Life helped them achieving their independent pain free and health goals. More studies and research needed to support these results via chemistry, biology and neuroscience studies.